Monday, September 28, 2015

an all-American birthday party for three!

On Saturday, we had a very special three-in-one birthday party! 
Michael turned five, Jack turned three, and Gabe is one!
Technically, Michael's birthday is tomorrow, Jack's on Wednesday, and Gabe's was a month ago but we wanted to throw a special, welcome back to the USA party, and celebrate with all of our friends and family!
We had almost 40 merry-makers come to celebrate and the boys (and I hope the guests!) had a wonderful time!
Enjoy the pictures below!

putting together invites

making pendant banners

adding the stamped denim

final result!

i enlisted some help for some painting

final result!

sweet one-year-old's handprint flag tee

more pendant prep


michael has been waiting ages to be 5 years old because then "he gets GUM!" so i had to make him a very special painted wooden box, just to keep his precious gum safe ;) 
the night before the party, we celebrated with g-ma and poppy!

and the morning of, we opened nanny, paw paw, and gaumy's presents!


we always do m&m pancakes with candles on the birthday morning

it's a tradition that on each 1st birthday, the boys get a giant stuffed animal. gabe's was a longhorn since this is our only child (so far!) born in Texas! a true Texan!

a kids' camera!

a huge dumptruck

the first soccer game of the season was that morning as well

mike was the coach!

alex came to visit!

handsome boys :)

making the surprise-inside cake!

dessert table

michael, gaumy, and i

maw maw and her third great-grandson!

wrestling with uncle day day

g-ma and jack jack


possibly the ugliest cake i've ever done. but he didn't care!

it worked! usa flag inside!

gift time!

it ended up being a beautiful evening!

maw maw with all three great-grandbabies!
It was a lovely day and lovely celebration.
It was a little crazy of course with all our friends and family but we wouldn't have it any other way!
Can't wait for next year!

Monday, September 21, 2015

mike and dad's trip to the new ranch!

Big news!
We bought a ranch, y'all!
It's a fully functioning property that dabbles in a few different things and we are So. Excited. 
When we were there, Mike found this place right in the foothills of the Andes. It's a couple hours from some amazing ski resorts and is right in the middle of Argentina's famed Mendoza wine country. When my parents came down, he and my dad drove across Argentina to go see it. My dad was 100% sold and he and my mom co-invested with us. 
Mike will be the hefe - the owner and operator - and there is a full-time manager that runs the day-to-day down there, as well as various workers. This means that Mike will be making trips down to the ranch 3-4 times a year to check on operations and make decisions. 
We will be eventually building a house on the property but for now, our primary residence will be here in Texas. My parents have given us some acreage and we'll be starting to build sometime next year. 
We are so excited for this new adventure and will be sharing updates with you on our little blog. Below are a few pictures from their latest trip down there. Enjoy!

beautiful countryside

my dad out exploring

Argentine steak! and wine!

tunnel into the Andes

Andean foothills

Mendoza wine


gorgeous cutting boards at a local feria

the end of the road?

beautiful dams

beautiful dams

beautiful dams

gorgeous rock formations

world-class skiing!

the Andes

my sweetheart

they flew through Santiago, Chile, and picked up a Chilean soccer jersery for MV! we had already gotten an Argentine one for Jack...

of course, my hubby brought home some alfajores for me!

and some beautiful baskets from Mendoza!

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