Sunday, June 25, 2017

homeschool wrap-up: may!

i know.
it's late.
but hey! at least it's still june!
this is our wrap-up for may!

reading so well!

spanish bingo!

poetry tea time picnic!

homemade orange marmalade to kick off our france unit!
i had croissants and marmalade every morning for breakfast while in paris, so we did too!

eiffel tower craft!

we used my grandmother's painting of paris for inspiration!

notre dame and stained glass study

and hey look! mommy has been to paris.
years and years ago.
(i couldn't find the actual picture so facebook screenshot had to do!)

homemade eclairs for poetry tea time!

croque monsieurs and madames for a lunch!

we even had a real frenchman visit ;)

my first croquembouche!!

ratatouille + the movie for dinner one night!

researching julia child's beouf bourguignon...while eating a hot dog.
i know.

watching the hunchback of notre dame

we got a private tour of our local art museum by the curator, mrs. bonnie!

and a detailed look inside the museum founder's life and love of paris

salad nicoise for a lunch!

homemade french bread and brie

quiche lorraine

and julia child herself!

gabriel working on his brown unit

michael got a special field trip to the veterinarian one day!

and the two big boys got a field trip to the east texas fish and hatchery one day!

real life folks.
michael and gabe were kinda sick so they stayed back from church but jack was already dressed!
real. life.
we had an amazing year with all three boys!!
we'll be doing a bit of school all summer...we are starting a new classical math program, working on our summer reading goals, and reviewing our geography and mapwork.
can't wait for next year!

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