Sunday, January 29, 2017


another awesome month in the life of the DeSas!

estate sale with my mama! and baby rob!

scored all this polish pottery!

sweet sleeping baby

back to juicing! beet, lemon, and ginger juice for the road!

oatmeal cookie selfie :)

meet sadie!
my parents' new rescue dog :)
the boys are in love.

sweet boy.

and sick boy.
we had a bad cold run through the family :(

drinking out of their silver baby cups.
colloidal silver heals!

doughnut morning for sick boys!
really, it was for me.

how our sick days look: nursing the baby, while playing uno, with grumpy boys.

my cinnamon toast is on point.
whole wheat, with coconut butter, brown sugar, and saigon cinnamon!

first day back to cc :)
*this was that night...

an amazing husband right there.
walking the two littles while i try to get dinner cooked.

family night treats!

and family night wrestling...

happy birthday, daddy!
we did a family birthday the night before his real birthday...

those are bullet casings holding the candles ;)

and the most beautiful drawing by mv!

my boys :)

my parents watched the boys while i made mike homemade ramen for his real birthday!

since our chickens pooped on their eggs, i couldn't soft boil them.
so, poached instead!

and peanut butter chocolate sundae for dessert!

hey there, cutie.

look at that dark-haired mohawk! :)

this pretty much sums up my evenings when mike is gone :)
....that's a smores girl scout cookie btw...

we had a crazy hail storm the other evening and the boys were in heaven!
"free ice, mommy!"
"it's ice...from GOD!"

and please notice gabe's hand still covering his head, just in case :)

after, we had lovely fog and a beautiful sunset!

cannoli. mmmm.

doing chores with paw paw!

yoga on the deck!

lunch for one!

oh, this sweet baby.
your last baby, growing up daily, is a true tragedy.

i. love. chore. cards.
they pick each day from a deck of chore cards and whoever finishes first, gets to choose breakfast that morning!
since food is a big deal here, this becomes a BIG DEAL.

i love him.

see? we have bad days too.
like, really bad.

ohhhhh yesssss.
when daddy is gone, it's become a tradition to have hot dogs at least once.
yes, i know how bad they are (and those baby carrots).
yes, they are still delicious.
(and  yes, they are kosher/organic/allbeef and the carrots are too!)

add a little kimchi and sriracha?

block building!

i love pretty tea.

apparently when mike left, the boys decided to stop sleeping.
(and yes, they are still sleeping really well...i'm just not used to before 7am wakeups or disrupted naps...)

fancy chips and wine!

and trips to bass pro shop help us get through daddy's absence! 

homemade buttermilk pancakes and fresh jalapeno cheddar venison sausage!


big batch of granola bars for cc!

our theme for this month...
and how fitting!
mike went to colombia for an exploratory, investment trip!
i'm so jealous! :)

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