Sunday, August 27, 2017

"aunt" amber's wedding!

last week, my cousin amber got married!
this was the first godinich wedding since our own (almost ten years!) so to say we were excited was an understatement.
she had the three big boys as the ring bearers and they were perfect!
we had an absolute blast!

last minute suit fittings :)

the boys couldn't keep their eyes off the pretty girls :)

see that bruise on his forehead?
he tripped over a turtle the night before we left.
a live turtle.
it was a great story that he told all the ladies :)

my handsome boys.

my handsome date.

once again, jack found a cute girl (another of my cousins) to flirt with all night

my maw maw and her first great grandson

we got to take the boys around a&m while we were there

wedding day!!
gosh, have you ever seen such handsome boys??

practicing with booger, the flower-dog ;)

my beautiful cousin!

my gorgeous parents!

with my maw maw

she got the boys pocket knives with their names carved on them!
and cookies.
i really don't know what they liked more.

for my paw paw.
i got to sit next to him on the front row.

the whole Godinich fam!


saying goodbye!

with his namesake :)

on our way out of town, we stopped at the caddo mounds for a picnic!

leftover wedding cake!

a little learning on the way :)

it was an awesome wedding and a great weekend!
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