Sunday, August 6, 2017


I've been slacking!
Sorry for the overload!

first day of tennis camp!

they had so much fun!

we had a pool party for the boys' surprise for their reading goal!

so proud of them!

i love these old school readers

"math lite" for the summer :)

end of summer tomatoes!!!

a baby pineapple in my mom's garden

fig harvest!

three little fish

we came home one night and there were a family of raccoons in my parents' front tree!
the boys took care of that problem.

another market day!

i stole a baby girl for the day :)

my pea-sheller-helper ;)

the boys' daily regimen
essential oils, vitamin d, multi, fish oil, probiotics, homemade kimchi and homemade elderberry syrup 

they borrowed their friends' googles :)

i set mv up one day with a movie and a bowl of peas to shell while we took our nap :)

our art gallery wall in our bedroom...

getting to work on the 4th of july dessert!

my birthday flowers from church refurbished for the 4th!

a quick dip in the pool!

a great 4th with great friends!

michael and daddy got to go to a cool wild animals presentation at the library!

and then a movie for another reading goal prize!

moooooore roasted tomatoes.

sorting freezers is not my jam.

homemade laundry detergent!

my cuties going for a ride to nanny's house

i squeezed about a thousand of those tiny key limes for dad's birthday pie.

...he did say it was the best pie i've ever made :)
happy big 60th, daddo!

michael has been loving his art lessons

enjoying homemade veggie juice popsicles!
i've been juicing carrots, cukes, and apples lately and freezing them into molds.
no added sugar, pure veggie and fruit goodness and the boys love them!
even better, they see me do this so they know that these are healthy AND delicious!

baby rob has graduated into wagon riding status!

my brother got me a bunch of REAL books for my birthday.
i'm on a kindle strike.

then it was time for uncle vince's birthday!
he requested my homemade wedding cake recipe with whiskey buttercream :)
and no sprinkles, much to the boys' dismay.

chocolate covered espresso beans for a girls' night!

date night!

...with my parents!

ah, motherhood.

geography review with daddy

i don't waste around here.
lemons get peeled - the peels get soaked into vinegar for a diy cleaning spray
and into vodka ;)
and the zest goes into the freezer for recipes
the juice goes into my probiotic lemonade recipe!

i love him.

and this little one too.

one of the last heirlooms!

this kid loves some greens!

reading to his brother

3rd reading goal met!!

mama/boys playdate

and half price sonic shakes!

10 1/2 pints, that's 21 CUPS of our homegrown garlic, minced and ready for the freezer!

mike enjoyed his trip to panama, obvi.
i wasn't jealous.
at all.

when daddy's gone, the boys get a treat for breakfast...cereal!
but i cover it with fruit, chia, flax, and pumpkin seeds so i still feel like it's healthy

jalapeno infused vodka!



more greens-drinking!

and more toad capturing.

morning yoga with Tornado on our porch

this baby LOVES nanny's dog.

fresh blackberries harvested!

this big boy got three three consecutive days!

family night!


  1. why did you put a lampshade on the baby's head when he got 3 teeth?

  2. Please explain to everyone that we don't hate raccoons but they torture and kill our chickens. -Anne


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