Sunday, February 28, 2016


we've had a busy few weeks and glad that things are starting to slow down as we gear up for a busy Spring!

ended our time-sans-daddy with a trip to see my best friend carlie and her three kiddos in literally stormed and hailed for all three hours in :( but all the boys slept!

homemade pizza night!

we don't do a lot of play places here but when we are at aunt carlie's, yes!

my road trip essentials :)

happy travelers all the way :)

when we got home, it was major reno mode! so i bribed my dad to do some of the heavy lifting with a lemon meringue pie ;)

and mom took the boys out in the warm Texas winter

chapter books every night :)

and kale harvesting (almost) every day

this kid loves to rearrange his dino magnets. he knows at least 20 names of dinosaurs...that i don't :)

daddy comes home today!

afternoon tea

well, daddy got home but then turned right around and left for his birthday goose hunting trip!

Godinich cousins and uncles :)

so we played outside some more...

and had tasty breakfasts like peach blueberry baked oatmeal

and took long, evening baths :)

had lots of fun lunches!

did our chores...

sewed new curtains!

and took naps together!

finally, he was really home! with treats from argentina!

another fun lunch for the boys!

my early riser and i making waffles!

i don't know if you can see but mv thought it was hilarious to throw his waffle on the floor and make "waffle footprints".
ah, boys.

the same day he got back, mike came down with a terrible sinus infection.
so this was my breakfast.
because, man-cold.

and this was my dinner.
no, i'm joking.
this was a huge batch of cookies for the church's youth lock-in!

jefferson mardi gras parade!

creepiest elsa ever.

brother working hard.

one of the first of the spring daffodils!

chilly afternooon's call for cups and cups of tea.

every afternoon, when he gets up from his nap, mv and daddy read his beginner books together with a snack :)

that day called for homemade chocolate pudding.

"let me hug you again...i didn't get it tight." - jack desa, age 3

i don't know many kids who go back to sneak more edamame

fat tuesday at our church!
painting alleluia banners to "bury" that sunday


and the burning of last year's palm branches for this year's ashes

afternoon tea on our new deck!

gma and poppy came to visit!

jefferson riverport bbq!

and antiquing!
we found antique corbels for our new house!

playing outside on beautiful days!

tea and biscuits with a sick baby :(

we had a scallop and lobster feast for valentine's day with harry and diane!

and this was valentine's day breakfast before church for the boys :)

silly somersaulting boy :)

farmboy :)

we started isr courses! (infant swim rescue) and we love it!
we've another great couple of weeks, besides lots of sickness, and we hope to all be feeling better as Spring approaches!
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