Sunday, February 7, 2016

homeschool wrap-up: december and january!

we missed the december post so this is a joint post for most of what we did for the past two months in homeschool.
i say most because our season was so busy that i didn't get to take alot of pictures and during the move from my parents' house to our house, i might have "misplaced" a few pieces of art or the occasional craft.
but all in all, we had a great two months and its nice to be in our new place and in our new schoolroom!

working on letters and phonics

threading practice


drawing in our science journal

we were invited to my old alma mater's annual world bazaar! michael loved seeing all the different children and all the different countries

first day back after the Christmas break! and in our new house and new schoolroom!

counting practice


indoor art day

free play time! play doh and baby gabe!

practicing staying within those lines...

and cursive!

finally getting to our homemade thank you notes

letter matching

free art time!

O is for Oatmeal!

salt art!

jack is a child that needs direction and focus so we mix it up every day with our letters and numbers with new mediums

kids' yoga!

learning about seasons in cc class

we made homemade tempura paint with egg yolks and crushed chalk!

learning about the layers of the earth with play doh

more letters...

mandalay art!

q-tip number tracing

taking "core samples" in play doh 

lesson review in cc!

a different approach for lettering...wet q-tip erasing!

he's getting really quite good at addition!

more yoga while mama does sandbag swings

we chose to avoid our desks for the day and work at the counter :)

chalk tracing

special P lunch! pepperoni pizzas, peach parfaits, popcorn and pretzels, and peas!

making sedimentary rock...layers of candy!

and metamorphic rock! heat and pressure to make rice crispy treats!
we also did igneous with magic shell and ice cream!

learning where all the highest mountains of each continent are!

Q is for Quilt!

our Bible story of the week was Moses and the Burning Bush

another medium...he loves anything with q-tips!

fun caterpillar counting

this awesome antique easel that my parents nabbed for $10 is a great addition to our schoolroom!
a great month!

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