Monday, October 26, 2015


lately, we've been just enjoying life on a farm. 
it's getting a teensy bit cooler here in Texas and we actually got some rain this weekend!
below are some "normal" pictures of life on our lovely piece of heaven.

jack: "i want the BLUE one!"
mv: "mommy, i found two eggs for you!"

just a little boy exploring...

my mom's birthday dinner!

the boys and i made her a "cake"
the "cake" was layered with homemade cookie dough, double stuff oreos, and brownie batter.
served with ice cream on top.
and chocolate sauce.
and a candle!

birthday lunch with mrs. rhonda!

the kid and his chickens.
after he feeds them, changes their hay, checks for snakes (of course), and rinses their water, he pulls up his stool and keeps watch over them.

shopping for floors for the new house!

we headed down for a weekend of antiquing in warrenton and round top!
the boys were awesome travelers, as usual :)

we stopped for picnic lunches!

the baby obviously enjoyed the antiquing.

we had a great trip and found some great deals for our new house!

we've had some fun kids' meals lately too!

these were the faces of two happy women when they realized that our men were coming back the next day from a few weeks in Argentina!

first soccer practice!
oh my heart.

the baby vineyard

important life lessons: cross bow practice.

when you are building a house, there are dirt piles everywhere!

first sign of fall!

cheers to our new house!

i spy an acorn squash!

renewed attempt at foraging chickens!

my baby blues :)

date night to the symphony!

we've been eating rather fall-ish as well! lots of warming mushroom, greens, and bacon bakes...

indoor s'mores

roasted root autumn veggies

carrot cake scones

carrot spice baked oatmeal

harvest from the garden! fresh greens, acorn squashes, and cayenne peppers!

more winter squash harvested

we have jalapenos for days, y'all.

breakfast greens!

planning to fit in all my new autumn recipes!

...with doses of clean eating mixed in...
homemade bread...and a crying baby with flour on his head ;)

we are so happy that it's beginning to look like fall, y'all!
corduroy! new boots! baby suspenders!

getting to work on the new house site


cutie patootie.

we have so much going on lately in our little life.
homeschooling, getting this new house put in, renovating it, building, from scratch, the big house, new businesses, here and overseas, gardening, harvesting, farming, and on and on.
but, when we look out over everything the Lord has blessed us with, we have to remember.
even though it feels like a valley, this is really a peak.
this is it.
the time of our lives.
and we have to remember to thank our God for it.
every day.
even the hard ones.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

pumpkin chocolate cinnamon chia seed oatmeal!

A quick and healthy breakfast for you or your kiddos!
My boys love oatmeal and this is a great way to add Autumn flavor to a classic.
Pumpkin, in a pure form....i.e. not in a pie, is a fantastic source of vitamin A and other important nutrients!
So pumpkin-it-up and enjoy!
But instead of processed sugar, just add a few chunks of dark chocolate :)

No recipe...just follow along!

cook up two bowls of old-fashioned oats

add a large dollop of pumpkin
preferably, fresh, pureed, but canned, 100% will work in a pinch!

add a sprinkle of dark chocolate chunks (while it's hot so the chocolate melts!)

add a tablespoon of chia seeds

and a dash of cinnamon!

stir until creamy!

and enjoy!
ps-review your schoolwork as you eat ;) ;)

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