Sunday, July 8, 2018

a cactus party!

what a wonderful birthday!
the other day my sweet boys and my parents threw me a lovely, cactus-themed birthday party! 
the whole day was wonderful and just what i needed :)
enjoy our pictures!

this sweet one woke up early (6:15am) and crawled in bed with me.
he was snoring within a few minutes and we got to sleep in together until after 7!

then i was made breakfast in bed by my two big boys and daddy!

watermelon, doughnuts, and homemade waffle, bacon, and cheese sandwiches!

after a slow and relatively quiet morning, i took a long nap and woke up to this!
mike decorating succulent and cactus cupcakes!

a mid-afternoon margarita pop! ;)

and an icing stealer...

party time!
the boys and my mom made this adorable felt cactus banner!

and decorated with faux and real cacti everywhere!

cute little cactus candles!

a cactus tank top and balloon from my mama!

so. cute.
the flowers were made out of starbursts!

present time!

new snow boots for china :)

a beanie with a top knot hole!
and a new necklace!

ending the night with a glass of wine and a show with my sweetie.
an awesome day!

Monday, July 2, 2018

summer fun - part 1!

every year, i save all the crafts and projects and fun stuff i find for summer fun!
we make a big list, all together, and spend the summer having FUN!
enjoy part one ;)

making the list!

cupcake liner leis

threading practice

grass and flower crown leis!

lots cobblers!
plum, here...

and blackberry of course!

paper plate crafting

father's day crafts!

a "tie" card for daddy!

mama does crafting too ;)

crazy hair day!!

pineapple painting!

fun luau snack!

edible leis!

rice crispy pig!

ready for the luau!

onto the hungry caterpillar unit!

balloon painting!

toeprint bookmarks for the summer!

pom pom color sorting!

mirror and symmetry art with gabe!
can't wait for more!

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