Sunday, December 10, 2017

homeschool wrap-up: november!

we've had another great month in homeschool!
we focused on bodily systems in science and the civil war and abraham lincoln in history!
we had a great month, despite the big boys being gone for a whole week to disney and then us all being sick with fevers (the best disney souvenir) for almost another whole week!
but despite that, we got alot accomplished and had a good time.
enjoy our pictures!

color matching

cursive work

finishing up our geography

numbers work

g is for grass!

an incredibly scary old lady came to visit us in spanish lesson.
"vieja" and "joven" were what la professora was teaching that day.

art fun!

our first two postcards from the postcard exchange all over the country!

g is for goldfish. 

state work
poetry tea time and the bodily systems!

putting together our body presentation!

large intestines!

such an awesome helper :/

poetry tea time and our civil war unit!
more work on our body presentation!

ready for presentations!!

michael's very first piano contest!!

thanks to cc, he was so brave! walked right in with no problems at all!

and blue ribbon! highest scores!

special pizza treat after!

more postcards!

helping brother with his h for horse

thanksgiving poetry tea time!

more number work

and writing practice was a christmas list today!

the boys missed the last cc day of the semester so we put together their bodies at home!

h is for hay!

thanksgiving sensory tub!

putting together a mini log cabin model for abe lincoln's house!!

writing thank you's to gma and poppy for disney!

and of course michael had to get the Disney right ;)

getting closer!

abe craft!

what would you store in your abe hat??

all done!

we love our library runs.

for breakfast one day, we had 4 out of the 5 favorite foods of lincoln!

corn cakes


apples and bacon!

i is for ink!

extra coffee this morning.

putting the wood grain on the log cabin!


another lincoln craft

another awesome month!!

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