Sunday, October 15, 2017

what a weekend!

last weekend was awesome.
not only did g-ma and poppy come to visit, but we had two huge events!!
first up, we had a big joint celebration for our four boys' birthdays (mostly baby rob's very 1st birthday!) and jack got to receive first communion!
it was epic.
enjoy our pictures!

enoch's stomp winery for dinner on friday night!

being silly with g-ma!

later that night, mike and i finished up the party prep...

on saturday, we got started!
first things first.
nanny's butterfly make up ;)
then the massive cake.

but it was worth every second for all the kiddos's faces!

did i mention that it was a costume party?!
mv was the ONLY one we got a decent picture of but luckily, they'll be wearing the same costumes for halloween :)
he was mr. frederickson from up!

princess buttercup and westley!

hay ride!

apple bobbing!

two strangers turned friends!
hermione and harry potter!

huge bubbles with paw paw as indiana jones :)

doughnut hang!

i believe anika won :)

poppy and g-ma were a ganster and his girlfriend!

pumpkin cookie decorating

the reveal!

a great day for all of our boys but especially for our big 1 year old!

and the next morning, we had first communion for jack!

what a wonderful weekend!
the weekend had over 60 guests...maybe i'll take next year off ;) ;)

Sunday, October 8, 2017

homeschooling wrap-up: september!

sorry in advance for allllll the pictures.
beginning of a new year means mama took A LOT of pictures.
but we are so excited!
i changed up a few things this year, mostly dealing with the routine and schedule of things, and it's working out beautifully!
lots more interactive, lots more variation, lots of breaks, lots of fun, lots of love!
this year's cc cycle is very exciting...almost too exciting! too many units to spend time on. so we are breaking it up into what i'm calling mini units and focusing each week on our history sentence that cc provides, and building from there.
so, for example, our first week was columbus. we spent all week reading library books on columbus, doing crafts dealing with his three ships, forming our presentation on his journey, and more! 
and some of you have asked about our schedule...below is a sample of what we'd do in a typical day here in the desa school :)
7-8am: outside chores, breakfast, inside chores
8am: michael practices his piano and jack and gabriel get settled
8:15/8:30-9am: morning prayer, pledge of allegiance, bible story, felt board story or song, hymn work, poetry memory work, spanish and cc review
9-10am: older boys' get started on their various worksheets. they go between our abeka curriculum for math, phonics, and spelling and then more "fun" activities like math games or cursive work or coloring worksheets. 
during this hour, i get to focus on gabriel and work with him on his letters, numbers, shapes, and colors and a bit of math and writing.
10am: the two big boys walk gabe to nanny's house and mama gets to "reset" and put the baby down to nap
10:10am-11:30am: i focus on the big boys' work. we do presentation work during this time, science experiments, "harder" worksheets, geography, etc. 
we also do our daily activity that rotates throughout the week, for example, monday is yoga, tuesday is educational video, wednesday is poetry tea time and etc.
11:30am-lunchtime: i get the baby up from his nap after i give the boys' their last independent assignment
in the afternoons, during the little boys' nap, mike works with them on reading, geography, presentations, or outside learning
and that's it!!
whew! hope you enjoy our pictures!

our first cc tutor prep session!
with pie.

columbus craft set up

helping me get our fruits of the spirit board ready

getting the cursive copywork ready for the first few weeks

getting his first presentation of the year ready!

and yay! packed school lunches again :)

first day success!

library runs are every other week, on fridays

this amazing book! go read it!

our weekly set up!

baby rob no kidding cut a tooth on the first day of school.
DURING school.

ready for the eclipse!

getting the columbus craft set up

presentation practice

eclipses AND columbus!

survived the first day :)

and later that day, the eclipse!!

read aloud time

busy work for gabe. counting uno cards into an oatmeal canister

galaxy puzzle while big brother finishes up his worksheet

piano homework!

columbus presentation snacks!

columbus craft!

eclipse cookies for poetry tea time!

cc science experiment!

another busy game for gabe. colors!
mike's aunt carol got the sweetest book for the boys for one of their birthdays. it is precious!!

okay, so michael is doing fabulously with his reading. really! he is. but i realized his spelling is horrible! so we are definitely going to focus on that this year. spelling tests!

one of our math lessons throughout the week is life of fred

putting together an old fashioned sailing vessel!
took them like three weeks.

being a good daddy and rescuing (it was already dead though) moth from a spiderweb for the boys' collection!

letter search


traditional pilgrim/indian feast!
beans, tomatoes (from our garden!), squash (also from our garden!), grits, fish, and corn pudding!

free watercolor art on the porch on a rainy day

making hard tack for our poetry tea time and our mayflower unit!

almost done!

mama homework

my cuties ready for another cc day!
prepping his presentation at home...

then rocking it!
color wheel and color mixing.

i love how interested jeremiah is ;) ;)


lung capacity.

a moment of peace! all three working quietly!

working on an art project

teaching the baby the felt song of the week!

helping gabe with his letter review.
we rock the one room schoolhouse here.
boston tea party with boston cream pies!

an especially snuggy and mis-matching day :)

finally! the ship was completed!!

jeremiah was a lot more interested this time ;)

getting jack ready for 1st communion!

another library run!

george washington craft.
not my best effort on the craft but they liked it so that's all that matters!

practicing :) 

review, review, review, tracing, tracing, tracing

a fun review!

a is for angelfish!

beginning addition

our declaration of independence!

burning the edges over the dustpan :)

...before moving outside and finishing :)

b is for bandaid!

matador presentation!

this was the cutest poem on george washington!

a flying squirrel in cc!



art replication project!

Oh MacDonald and a spanish lesson
the many faces of gabe the babe.

lewis and clark journals

and presentation...

and expedition with daddy!

c is for crab!

my oh so helpful homeschool assistant.

an awesome month!

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