Sunday, April 15, 2018

savory french toast

savory french toast is totally a thing.
i adore french toast.
but i couldn't imagine making it savory.
until i saw a picture of this somewhere and had to recreate it with my own touches.
just try'll love it!

Savory French Toast
Serves however many you'd like!
No recipe needed! Follow along below!

beat together a few eggs, whole milk, salt, pepper, and a bit of hot sauce, if you'd like!

oops, i forgot the dill! or whichever herb you love.

breaking this out for topping!

toast your bread (we used a savory herb bread) and then proceed as normal french toast

but add a bit of cheese on top before flipping! any cheese will work! we used white cheddar.
ta da!

topped with that delicious peach mustard chutney!
but you don't have to use anything.
next time, i'm stirring together some regular maple syrup and cayenne pepper!

aaaaaand a fried egg!

oh so good.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

our Easter!

decorating easter eggs!

Easter morning! He is Risen!
watching the sun rise and waiting for the boys to wake up :)
...and still waiting!

finally! ready for the hunt before church!

ready for church!

my grandmother let me borrow her emeralds :)

time for lunch!
beautiful, hard-boiled eggs

getting ready for dinner...
table set, cake done!

baked ham, sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus, hot cross buns, and carrot cake!

annual church picture :)

happy easter all!

Sunday, April 1, 2018


climbing trees :)

there were five in the bed and the little one said roll over, roll over...

that's us!!

ready for adventure with his crossbow and pistol

i love that my boys bring me flowers every day. cover those dirty windows ;)

oh the fun at nanny's house...

sums us up pretty well...

sometimes even big five year olds still need a 3 hour nap in mama's bed

i love a full moon over our pasture

and sunny days for picnics!

breakfast helpers!

sundays during lent.

jack loves the grocery store.

robert loves his daddy and ice cream.

mom's night out!

more sunny days for playing outside!

reading to his brother!

children's choir!

painting to different genres of music!

afternoon treat! homemade kombucha and sparkling water!

more afternoon fun

they carried this super heavy ladder all the way from the barn to our house! they made it about halfway before calling for help.

they needed said ladder to get the frisbee off the roof.

girls' afternoon out!

spring is here!

when i got home, all the boys were feeling pretty bad so daddy let them watch a movie after rest time.
i didn't even get so much as a hello!
and then the week of fevers began! every boy had a 2 day fever, consecutively.
so that was 9 days of fevers straight.

detox bath with gabe.


more baths.

lots of indoor play.
this was "let's go grocery shopping in mommy's pantry!"
first tomato of the season from our greenhouse!

everything blooming!

mv climbing this 20 foot cell tower next to my parents' house!

saint patrick's day!
sometimes you just gotta let them have 100% sugar for breakfast.
because its saint patrick's day.

colcannon soup!
green smoothie mustache!

the lucky charms quickly wore off so we need some protein!
mv offered to cook :)

green lunch!

still have to do chores though...

rosie is getting so big!

shepherd's pie for dinner! 

chore cards.

fun on paw paw's dump truck

a chilly sunday night for s'mores!

a beautiful day for picking flowers!

even this little man can do chores!
vacuuming mommy's room!

a gorgeous sunset for church!

practicing breathing techniques in children's choir that night through yoga

g-ma came to visit!

so dinner at pietro's was in order!

g-ma always brings legos!

ah, life with boys.

coffee shop run!

salmon frittata for lunch!

dinner out at enoch's stomp winery with the whole family!

planting spring gardens!

more legos!

last supper and foot washing for the kiddos at church

the boys decided to get filthy muddy about 30 minutes before we had to leave for maundy thursday service.

but they cleaned up very nicely :)

the children's choir did so well!
the signed and sang kum ba yah!

aaaaaand a little musical bingo :)

this kid LOVES sauteed kale!
good friday service
today is Easter and i hope yall have a wonderful day!
He is Risen!!
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