Sunday, November 12, 2017

homeschool wrap-up: october!

we had another great month in homeschool!
lots of letters and numbers for gabriel, 
spanish and several units for the big boys,
and fun all around!
enjoy our pictures :)

number work!

and letter work!
d for dots...

la professora teaching about animales!

some quiet play while mama got a set-up ready!
field trip to the zoo!!

this awesome man got his huge "grabber" out and "rescued" several amazing feathers for the boys' collection!!

spoonbill, macaw, and vulture (or eagle...we aren't sure which yet!)
a lego day.
i called this "engineering skills" and let them play for an hour after breakfast and before we started "real" school.

thank you cards from the party and writing practice!

helping his brother with his writing...


mama needed an extra boost this morning.

more halloween art

poetry tea time!

so appropriate for the season!

5 little pumpkins felt song

and of course worksheets.


and music!

impromptu science lesson when a bird flew into our window and knocked herself out!

...and a lesson for daddy to NEVER bring a bird in my house again.

cc review time!

crazy clothes day for cc!

and it happened to fall on our family presentation day!
we sang an embarrassing song.
to "in the jungle, the mighty jungle" :)
which everyone loved.
so i hear.

crazy clothes!

pumpkin foam slime!!

i love michael's face here.

a good daddy working on his cc board!

more poetry tea time!

and art for uncle vince!


cc bible verse review!

brody had the best presentation! charts and graphs on his halloween candy! it was awesome!

another cc review day!

i save them up all year for fall tea time :)

the lesson here was mostly patience...

library run!

f is for faces!

weeeeeeell, i forgot to take the picture before the boys left for disney so only gabriel made it in this one!!!

another awesome month!!
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