Sunday, February 18, 2018

homeschool wrap-up: january!

another great month in the School of DeSa!
enjoy our pictures!!

L is for Lemon stamping!
delay of school to finish this darn puzzle!


one room schoolhouse right here!

bulletproof coffee and re-upping my school mom game.

he's doing so well with his scissor skills!

thank you notes :)

M is for Monkey!

and macaroni!
reading before school to his baby brother :)

N is for Newspaper!

Spanish lesson!

yoga Mondays!

first presentation back to CC!

poetry tea time back in swing!


back to CC! 

Grandma Moses study!
and Mrs. Katie's excellent artwork.

director's appreciation day for our wonderful director!
i have such big shoes to fill!

color sorting!

more presentation work!

waiting for big bro to be finished ;)

all four...

such nice cursive work :)

and homework for mommy!

jack helps me write out the names of the kids in my class on their maps on CC day :)

science experiment!

pie face review games!

O is for Ostrich!

a little play dough downtime :)
another great month!

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