Monday, March 19, 2018

homeschool wrap-up: february!

we had another great month in homeschool!
enjoy our pictures!

practicing cc presentations
valentine's poetry tea time!

egg density experiment!

working on his lego capitol presentation!

georgia o'keefe

alcohol experiment!

numbers work

cutting practice

valentine's day sorting!

reading practice

p is for popcorn!

and bribes.

q is for q-tip!

number matching

r is for raindrops and rainbows!

we love candyland review time...

....until we get that nut.

poetry tea time!

working on our lichtenstein cc project!

starch experiment!

teddy roosevelt presentation.
when did he get so tall?!

i don't know why these ended up sideways but they turned out so well!

captain mike's class

the homeschool troublemaker.

phonics work.

r is for rudolph!

candy heart experiment at home!

lichtenstein at home.

i reeeeeeally should have given them peach colored paint to do the face.
looks like a massacre.

cc new grammar!

the smash family's wonderful presentation on police gear!

salt experiment

studying jim davis and creating their own cartoons!
coffee and homeschool in bed.
fevers were running rampant this week.

geography freehanding!

they are doing beautifully!

poetry tea time outside

elements presentation

s is for sand!

another winning smash family goats!
another great month!

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