Sunday, January 1, 2017

our Christmas season!

we had a wonderful Christmas season!
we always spend "First Christmas" with my in-laws down in san antonio and this year, we got to share it with our niece Daisy! her sweet mama let my mother-in-law fly down to florida to pick her up and bring her back for a few days! she's only a few weeks younger than our mv so the boys were thrilled to have a built in playmate!
after san antonio, we headed home for church activities and festivities and of course, our Christmas. we always go to midnight mass at our church but this year, since Christmas fell on a Sunday, we convinced our priest to let everyone attend mass in pajamas! the boys (and the adults!) were very excited and after the early morning present opening, we slipped on our slippers and headed to church! very fun and i hope this becomes a tradition!
it's been a wonderful Christmas season and we already can't wait for next year!

wrapping presents with my mil's gorgeous wrapping paper and enjoying a seasonal coffee!
sweet Daisy wanted her hair braided for our night out and that's something this boy mama can do!

twins :)

my sweetheart.
sweet cousins.

tower of the americas!!

up, up, up!

our excellent children at fancy dinner!

we only remembered the first food picture...

my date :)

my real date :)
skyline at night

riverwalk boat ride to see the christmas lights!

the next day we headed out for a few san antonio missions!

and then tex-mex!
i love daisy's look of disgust. :)

making difficult cookie selections.
1st christmas morning!!

new cowboy boots for all!

off to sea world in his new killer whale outfit!

memere didn't think she could quite walk all the way to the shamu show so gabriel benefited as well! and memere loved it :)

sweet smiley boy on the ride home.

making last minute stocking stuffers for daddy :)

gingerbread cookies for uncle vince's present!

and extra gingerbread men and houses for us ;)

aaaaaand gingerbread wookiee cookies for the new star wars movie!!

chocolate cinnamon rolls!

green hot white chocolates and the grinch!

the boys wanted to "help" santa move the presents from our tree over to nanny and paw paw's tree :)

Christmas eve paella!

and argentinean hot chocolate

and of course, milk and cookies and carrots by the fireplace :)

the men stayed at home with our sleeping boys and mom and i went to midnight mass to sing in the choir


"the cookies! the carrots! they are gone!!"

uncle vince looks terrible but robert. his face. i can't.

i will kill santa (my mom) for giving this gift.
it makes sound too.

merry, merry from our family!

pajama mass!
and blessing of the favorite gifts!
michael brought a moose, jack, a bow and arrow, and gabe, an antique tractor.

clearing enjoying mass.

home to make christmas dinner!
and naps.
yes, naps all around!
Christmas sparklers!
i love that gabriel is having none of that risky business.

we forgot to light the center candle of our advent wreath before the boys went to sleep that night but i had a very quiet and soothing evening...
it was a wonderful and very very blessed Christmas season for all of us!

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