Sunday, January 8, 2017

homeschool wrap-up: december!

we had an abridged month this month for homeschool...
but it was fun to do all the Christmas crafts and eat all the Christmas treats!
enjoy our pictures :)

poetry tea time! apple pie and eggnog :)

geography review...

working on advent calendars

nativity felt stories

changing it up by moving to the dining room table

does anyone else have a huge box of stale fruit loops just for the purpose of crafting??? :)

poetry tea time with chocolate black bean muffins and cranberry preserves!

crafting various christmas gifts :)

fun snowmen craft!

helping little brother with his letter of the week

size sorting (mostly for the younger two...)

working on our numbers...

snowmen names!

christmas sensory bin

textile letters

pulled out the ol' felt christmas tree!

baking class! apple crisp...

daddy got in on the craft time and constructed a space station!

fun advent snack!

more letters and numbers...

phonics work!

oh my.


during the actual week of christmas, we skipped school and did poetry tea time all week!

such a fun month!!

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  1. Y'all have got to come tour JSC with us! :)


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