Sunday, June 4, 2017

fitfam4life running challenge!!

i am not a runner.
at least, i don't really enjoy it.
but we've been trying to run as a family every morning to build the boys' endurance and establish a healthy love of exercising.
a family friend suggested a family running challenge and we've been looking for something to motivate our morning runs and this was it!
the challenge: run a marathon in 10 weeks!
(only half that for kiddos under 4.)
so we got started!
the boys loved it!
of course, there was the occasional whining about running every day but in general, we really enjoyed it!
we made our 26 miles (12 1/2 for gabriel!) in about 7 weeks!
and we really tried to make it a habit to stick to.
so, i call this challenge a win win!

part of the challenge was to take family selfies every day and post them to stay accountable so below are our pics! enjoy!

team DeSa!

kale smoothies post run!

we totally counted our 4-ish mile zoo walk as a mile that day ;)

blackberry picking at the end of our road was a good incentive!

nanny got in on the action too!

and we even convinced paw paw to come a couple times!

1 comment:

  1. Robert's facial expressions totally make this posting. He obviously hasn't developed a love of early morning.


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