Sunday, June 18, 2017


we've been so busy so far this summer!!!
but we've had a blast and can't wait for more!!!
enjoy our pictures!

fresh blackberry smoothie!

sick day.

my grandmother's house is coming along!!

huge zucchinis!

we use every part of our beets! pickled beets, then beet tops and greens for juice and ice cubes!

and refreshing bible study day.

my sweet friend gave us some rose veal to try and review for her website....delicious!

play date!

my first and foremost love is food.
so i randomly take pictures of my kids' lunches.

my handsome man coming home from a memorial day service and grocery shopping ;)

i love that little tongue.

green beans make excellent teethers.

day 1 of homeschool conference down!

one of the only men in a room full of mamas!

a shivers date with my men!

and the baby decided to start crawling!!
7 1/2 months old!

love my big boy.

dehydrated beet chips

milk coma.

jack is READING!

the many angles of jack reading...

that day's harvest!

and gabe got hungry.


raw milk yogurt!!

pulling up on everything!

mike decided to mow the blackberry patch with an ancient push-mower and mowed over his big toe.
broken and mangled, it will survive.
thank you Lord.

tree climbin'

wood collectin'

bean pickin'

poetry tea time!

jack got to ten books in a week!

so he earned a mama date to smallcakes!

look at this heirloom tomato!!! huge!

play date at the splash pad!

and sleepy boys coming home!

we were crazy busy this past week with vacation bible school, play dates, art lessons, and gym.

our town's square puts on a market every saturday and encourages little ones to come sell their crafts!
in the spirit of entrepreneurship, we told the boys that anything they harvested or made or crafted, they could sell and keep the profits!
so then we got busy...

we picked and picked and picked all week!
and came up with a few other things to sell as well...

and it was a huge success!

they even sold out of their homemade toad homes, plus the toads they caught to go inside ;) ;)

using some profits to buy fresh blueberries!

father's day helpers!!

coffee cake, bacon, corn muffins, and cream cheese salmon and caper topped muffins!

breakfast in bed with his boys!


my sweet daddy

with his new gifts!

key lime pie faces!
another great month!

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