Wednesday, July 20, 2011

hobo stew

Okay, what is hobo stew, you ask?
Well, as far as I know, my dad created it to go on camp-outs.
It's easy and filling and you can cook it in a campfire.

And I've recently noticed that these East Coasters tend to need something that can be prepared on a grill.
For a little thing called hurricane season.
Because even if there's a hurricane in the vicinity of your town, your power will go out.

And you will need to cook something on your grill.
Because your microwave and your oven and your stove and your toaster don't work.

So, I decided to give this hobo stew a try on the grill and it worked perfectly!

Never fear, East Coasters!  I have the perfect meal during hurricane season!!

Hobo Stew
Serves....however many you want!
No need for a recipe here!

Grab a couple sheets of foil and lay them out on the counter.
And I would double layer them so they don't accidentally leak!

Mix up some ground beef, salt, pepper, garlic powder, a little dijon, chili powder, and whatever else you've got on hand.
Whatever you would put in your burgers goes in here.
But the chili powder is really good.
Try it.

Put a pat of butter on each piece of foil.

Form the beef into patties (regular hamburger-sized ones) and lay on the butter.

Dice up some veggies.
Anything you like!
Carrots, onions, potatoes, and a purple sweet potato, if you find one.
I've never seen one until now.
And look how gorgeous.

Now, pour some salsa on the patties.
Green jalapeno on the first one...regular on the far one, if you squint.
Salsa not your thing?
How bout some steak sauce?

Pile the diced veggies on top.
Add some frozen green peas and corn.

Now, wrap them up really tight.
Seam side up.
Don't want those yummy juices coming out!
And label.
Otherwise, someone will steal your perfectly crafted personalized hobo stew.

Put on grill (medium-medium-high) for 20-30 minutes.
Until the meat is done through when you open one.
Let cool, for heavens' sakes.
And enjoy!

*Of course, you can stick these in a campfire too!*


  1. These look fantastic! I love that you can personalize each one as well, for size and toppings. Definitely saving this recipe!
    P.S.--I emailed you in response to my question on my blog!

  2. Daddy didn't invent Hobo Stew-but I think he did perfect it between the Boy Scouts and Church Camp Outs. I like your variations though!


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