Tuesday, February 7, 2012

sushi class with ms. margot!

So, my husband loves loves loves sushi.
And being a part-Italian, Texas girl, I know next to nothing about sushi making.
But, as I love him more than life, I decided to learn.

And it just so happens that when Michael and I were in Texas for the last deployment, a dear family friend that attends our church offered to teach us!
Well, me.  Michael mostly ran around, eating sushi rice out of the bowl and playing with her dogs.

This is Ms. Margot.
Isn't she great?!
She's really the best in the world.  I grew up with her and her family at church and dearly love her!
And now Mike will dearly love her too :)

Enjoy our sushi class in pictures!

mixing the sushi rice

the spread

making hand rolls

making yummy rolls :)


so. much. fun!


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