Monday, April 8, 2013

farmer's market!

happy Spring, everyone!
i'm so thrilled it's Spring.
my local farmer's market is back in full swing.
they had a winter's market but now, all the vendors are back and i can't wait to check out new offerings!
and what's more, all the produce is guaranteed to be local, within 100 miles, and freshly picked, weekly!
enjoy these snapshots from the past seasons :)

beautiful Autumn apples

beets, carrots, and bok choy

eggplant of all shapes and sizes

gorgeous rainbow chard

yellow cauliflower and bell peppers

brussels sprouts!!

green beans, bells, and broccoli

turnips and radishes

gourds and squash

heirloom tomatoes and sunflowers for your table

and even mini, apple cider doughnuts for me and my men!

such a wonderful place.  always looking forward to what we'll find in our leisurely strolls before church.

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