Saturday, June 1, 2013

more changes!

Didn't I just make some changes around here?
Well, I'm making more.
And you'll have to bear with me.
I'm actually adding to this little blog.

Let me explain.

When I started this blog, it was for myself.
For me.
My love of food and my desire to become a better photographer.
For future children, as it were.
At that point, my life revolved around my new husband...and what to make for dinner that night.

Needless, to say a lot has changed.

So, instead of slowing down and focusing solely on food, I'm going to expand a bit.
At the suggestion of some close friends, I've decided to expand this into more of a lifestyle blog.
It'll still have a ton of new recipes, but also include our adventures in homeschooling and crafts, activities, and food that comes with it!

My life isn't just about me anymore.
It involves waking up earlier, preparing breakfast for four mouths now, heading up to school for an hour, playing, crafting, lunches, stroller rides, park visits, naps, dinners, bedtime baths, etc etc.
So, this blog will evolve with me.

As, really, it probably should have all along.

I hope you stick with me, but if not, I'm glad you have enjoyed the food over the years and I'll see you soon!


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