Saturday, February 1, 2014

right now...

right now, we are...

enjoying a Christmas train and kicking feet

exploring a beeeeeautiful January day in the mid-50's!

appreciating a helpful dish-washer.

loving the perks of being early pregnant.  (one of the only).  
i need to go to bed at 8:52pm.

loving/hating inside-only play when it's -10 degree wind chill outside.

adoring this cinnamon roll swirl on my baby's head

imagining what i will sew with these gorgeous fabrics my mama sent me!

relaxing with decaf tea and berries, watching snow fall against the sun, while my boys are still snoozing

watching these yahoos play in the cold.  mama elects to stay in and observe.

enjoying the flat(ish) belly, while it lasts!

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