Wednesday, August 26, 2015

getting back to normal...

For the past ten days, we've been resting, relaxing, and getting back to "normal"...

*sorry for the quality of iphone pictures...the screen on our good camera broke about a week before we got home and it's been sent off for replacement!*

landed in the USA!

this baby already has East Texas dirt on his tiny feet

we missed Miss Rhonda's birthday so naturally we had to celebrate again ;)

i'm getting back to my "fun" kids' meals

new chicks!

transferring the chicks to the big coop!

it's HOT in Texas! ;)

tiny baby shoes in red, East Texas clay

nanny's watermelons!

the house has been a disaster due to little boys' enthusiasm for their newly-discovered toys/books

catching grasshoppers that are eating the garden

a fun, green lunch!

canning tomatillo salsa
first day of cc!

michael's first day of classical conversations! his first presentation was perfect!

painting project for the birthday party coming up!

a new round of sweet brothers holding hands

lots of swimming days to end the summer

it's like Christmas in July! i got all my abeka and cc curriculums in!

we added a rooster to our brood and our hens freaked! hardly any eggs! << this means i accidentally didn't check on the egg supply before i made cookies << which means, i had crumbly cookie dough.

two words. DATE. NIGHTS.

ice cream social at church!

seriously, twins.


mike was wrestling with all the kids at church!
We've had a great couple of weeks resting and are ready to get back into the swing of things! Stay tuned for more adventures, here on our farm in Texas!


  1. Glad to have you back! Looking forward to see you all around more!

  2. I bet the boys are loving re-discovering all their old favorites! As much fun as traveling is, 'home' is still a treat too. I love that y'all are doing CC! It's our goal in a few years!! We've been watching friends grow up with it for over 10 years now and just love what it offers.


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