Sunday, March 26, 2017

sculpture class with ms. margot!

we have an amazing church friend named ms. margot.
we love her.
i grew up with her children at church and my mom considers her a best friend.
she also happens to be an amazing artist.
she sculpts, paints, draws, etches, and throws a mean pot.
during our italy unit, my mom had the idea to go over to her house and have her teach the boys about sculpture and pottery. we just now got out there!
and it was so much fun! the boys were interested in all the types of sculpture and ms. margot took us all out to her workshop to play around in some porcelain clay and throw a few pots!
can't wait to go back and fire our creations in her kiln!!
a wonderful day with a wonderful woman!!

can't wait to go back!! thank you ms. margot!!

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