Sunday, July 2, 2017

summer fun...part 1!

summer time!!
as usual, i've spent all year collecting crafts and fun stuff that has nothing to do with school and save them all for the summer!!
enjoy part 1 :)

they were already for a little summer fun :)

our official list!

fun coloring sheets while mama got the special dinner ready

chili dogs and chocolate milk!

and cupcakes!

first up! painting mommy's ugly lemon tree pot!

"stained glass" window painting

cheerio threading for bracelets

fun sidewalk chalk hats!

mud printing

shaving cream car wash!

remember we went to the market?
we used the painting of the toad homes as a craft of the day!

and we painted more pots to sell at the market!

father's day aprons!

sushi night

and candy sushi for dessert!

rainy days call for movies.
we watched up and did a fingerprint up craft!

folding fish art

and finding nemo with popcorn!

exploding treasure chests 

....and a pirate snack...

and a pirate movie!
can't wait for more fun!!

1 comment:

  1. So fun!! You are amazing Katie! Such great fun for your kiddos!


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