Tuesday, June 29, 2010

GD cooking class - dicing a mango

Time for another cooking class! 
Have you ever tried to get the flesh out of a mango? 
Tough, right?

Well, here's a simple technique to make it a lot easier!

Dicing A Mango
1 mango
1 sharp paring knife
1 sharp chef's knife

Start by peeling the mango carefully.

Stand the mango up on it's end and carefully cut through it, about a centimeter off the center.
You are trying to cut around the weird shaped seed in the middle.

Next, cut the other side off.

Finally, cut all the small bits around the seed off.
(You can gnaw off the excess flesh for snacking....but have some floss handy!)

Discard seed.
Take the prepared flesh and lay it flat.
Slice very thin slices out of the fruit.

Turn the slices 90* and dice.

Use in anything!
Munching, desserts, breakfast, or in a tasty savory salad!  Enjoy!


  1. I have a fun factoid: did you know mango is part of the family that includes poison ivy? I didn't either! Did you know that you can actually grow IN to a food allergy, even if you never had a prob with, say, mango, in the past? Neato, huh?

  2. Whoa, I did not know all that! And I better not grow into a mango allergy - I LOVE them! :)


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