Wednesday, July 14, 2010

GD cooking class - supreming a grapefruit

Do you know what supreming is?

In my second year of college, when I reeeeally got into cooking (and not just homestyle stuff....the real, try-to-be-gourmet stuff), I found that I didn't know a lot of the culinary terms that professionals use. 

I didn't know what a bechamel was.  (It's a simple white sauce)
I didn't know a chiffonade was.  (It's a technique to cut herbs or veggies into long, thin strips - like confetti)
And I didn't know what supreming was. 

Well, let's take a cooking class and I'll show you ;)

Supreming a Grapefruit (or any other citrus, for that matter)

One grapefruit
One sharp paring knife

Begin by taking a grapefruit and cutting off both ends.

Stand the grapefruit up on it's end.

Using your paring knife, carefully cut down the sides of the flesh, removing the skin and retaining as much of the flesh as possible.

It might not be perfect but you get the gist :)

Now, over a small bowl, cut in between each segment to remove the flesh.

Once you have worked your way around, squeeze the leftover "skeleton" and get all that good juice out. 

And you're finished!  You've just mastered supreming!  Use in pasta salads, fruit bowls, or for breakfast!


  1. thank you for posting this! I've started supremeing oranges for our fruit salads! The method is great because it makes oranges more toddler friendly...thanks for the detailed instructions and pics! Andrew and Annabelle are loving supremed oranges!

  2. Heck, I love supremed citrus and I'm not a kid :) But yes, good point, kids would love their fruit this way!


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