Friday, September 24, 2010

alyssa's first cookbook!

A couple months ago, a beautiful baby girl was born to one of my best friends.  My friend decided to make me the godmother to this precious little girl.  So, as my birthday gift to her, I decided to make her a cookbook! 
A kids' cookbook, similar to the ones that I had grown up with.  It was a feeble attempt but I think it came out really cute and sweet.  I hope she always enjoys it!

Love you, precious girl!


  1. How awesome!!!!! What great idea! Your already spoiling your little Goddaughter!

  2. She loves her Aunt Katie! The cookbook is awesome! Hopefully she won't be as picky as me :)

  3. Hey! I just cruised over from Goodnight Moon....your recipes look delish! And congrats on your new baby and your husband being back!

  4. I'm glad you are here, hmb! Come back again!


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