Monday, September 27, 2010

italian antipasti salad

I know I've been doing a ton of salads lately but we are so close to the end of summer (yes, it's still hot in the South so it's still summer for us) that I'm trying to fit them all in!

This is one of those recipe that you don't really need a recipe for.
So, we'll go step by step and you can modify as you see fit!

Italian Antipasti Salad ever many you need it to serve!

Fill up your salad bowl with any kind of greens you like:

Add sliced Italian ham:

Add some Italian salami:

Some Swiss cheese (or provolone):

Sharp cheddar:

Quartered baby artichokes:

Tomatoes and black olives:

Sliced hard boiled eggs:

And finish with some pepperocinis:

Enjoy with your favorite Italian vinaigrette! 

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