Monday, August 27, 2012

stuffed squash blossoms

Have you ever seen these?
I see them alot online and never really tried them.
But, if you are like me and after about a month or two of your squash plants going crazy and producing more squash than you can a) eat and b) give away, then you are ready to do something with the blossoms before they make beautiful baby squashes.
And this recipe is perfect.
Plus, it's not really a recipe so it's even better.
Just pick the blossoms early in the morning, remove the stamens, rinse, and keep damp with a moistened paper towel in a ziplock in the fridge until that evening.

Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Take some ricotta, cream cheese, Boursin cheese, feta, goat, whatever is your favorite soft cheese!  and mix it with an egg and some chopped, fresh herbs (again, whatever is your favorite!).  I use ricotta and Boursin and basil, oregano, and thyme.  Mix until creamy and then spoon into a ziplock.  Clip the corner and pipe carefully into a cleaned, dry squash blossom.  Don't fill all the way wanna be able to carefully twist the top of the blossom to "seal".  Then, freeze for about an hour so the cheese firms up.  Dip into your favorite tempura or beer batter and deep fry until golden and the cheese is starting to ooze out.  Serve with marinara or plain and enjoy!

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