Sunday, June 8, 2014

Halloween preppin'

because we have some major life changes coming up soon, and more on that later, i'm trying to get all my crafting/sewing done before july.
for the next year.

starting with halloween!
this year, all three boys will be woodland animals!
mv wanted to be a fox and we went from there!
jack will be a hedgehog and the baby will be a bear.

all the supplies.
orange sweater + white fur = fox tail
felt diamonds + black tank top = hedgehog

leftover felt + scissors + hot glue (works the best on felt, from what i've seen) = fox mask

gluing rows of quills

trying it on for fit!
...but not done yet...

onto dying fake fur for a fox tail!

word to the wise: when they say "this dye is not intended for ___ material", they mean it.
all the lovely orange rinsed straight out and i had to come up with a plan b.

cutting out the white fur for the tip of the tail...
all the fake fur, including the one i destroyed, was $4.

and voila! an old sweater arm of my mom's that she gave me for crafting fit the bill!
a little snipping and a bit of sewing landed a perfect, in the eye of the 3 1/2 year old beholder, fox tail!
and that's all that matters :)

stay tuned for more halloween updates ;)

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