Wednesday, June 11, 2014

last homeschooling wrap up!

ok, you'll forgive me in advance.
i didn't take too many pictures this month.
mostly of our "special" activities and you'll just have to trust me that we did the dutiful tracing, cutting, and reading.
but, on to the good stuff!

mexico was our culture series rotating center of the month!

painting a poncho...

...and trying it on with a "sombeho"

sorting beans!

and making them into a mexico flag!

our grand finale...cinco de mayo dinner!

my little bandito :)

all of our mexican (ish) meals we had during those two weeks!

then, it was on to social studies!
we learned about which service workers make up a town...

post office


and fire fighters!

a "fire" breakfast

and "fire" cupcakes for our end of year party!

complete with trip, with jack and daddy, to the local fire station!

but, with all this fun, we also did our "normal" too...

i can't believe we made it another whole year!

i think someone is already missing school...

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