Wednesday, December 3, 2014


i saw this idea last year and just had to do it this year :)
and since we don't do elf and the shelf (we do Advent activities instead), we thought it'd be a great way for the boys to wake up!
hope you enjoy, as we did!

making breakfast

raiding the leftover Halloween candy

toilet papering the bathroom

"breaking" nanny's dishes

putting together a dino puzzle (incorrectly!)

playing artist

brushing their teeth

bathing in baby Gabe's tub

popcorn and candy fight!, we had to have a popcorn and candy bar for movie night that night ;)

invading the birdcages

stickering the windows
taking over the chicken coop

making s'mores

raiding the greenhouse

rappelling from the french doors

making pancakes

destroying our schoolroom

reading quietly
messing up the coffee/tea station

cleaning dishes
and the grand finale...tying up Paw Paw, ala Gulliver's Travels! ;)

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