Monday, November 2, 2015

halloween week: homeschool and festival fun!

we love halloween.
and not so much the actual day but the fact that we get to party!
and, of course, by party, i mean, our kind of party...
food, homemade costumes, crafts, and candy!
enjoy our pictures from this past week!

deconstructing a cheap costume from the store...

voila! a cute patootie baby chick

our cc class had a trip to the pumpkin patch!

we brought our jack as show and tell ;)

only in texas do we eat snow a pumpkin october!

picnic lunch!

we had a lovely time.

scissor skills... make baby pumpkins!


5 little pumpkins felt song!

cooking class!

carving our pumpkins!

and making toasted pumpkin seeds.

pumpkin french toast

fail on the cute halloween ginger"dead" cookies but still yummy!

the older boys' costumes weren't quite ready for our town's festival so they went as South American futbol stars! complete with mustaches ;) (soccer practice was later that evening...)

jack found a LION! :)

mike and i volunteered at our church's youth party and went as pb&j :)

aaaaaaand had way too much fun.

on the actual day, we made pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes...

stuffed bell pepper jack o' lanterns for dinner...

and a spooky graveyard cake for dessert! designed by the boys...

and we finished out our night with lanterns set off into the night sky.
a great halloween!

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