Monday, November 30, 2015

happy thanksgiving!

we hope that you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!
we actually celebrated three times!
once, at our cc community group...we cooked and served all the staff at the wonderful church where our co-op is hosted once a week!
second, we had a family dinner with all our family favs :)
and finally, we volunteered at our church's annual outreach which serves over 1200 people every year!
can't wait till next year!

the boys' adorable turkey aprons we crafted in school

when you have to bring a Thanksgiving potluck for 40 people, how do you know if they prefer a praline topping or toasty marshmallows?! so...both.
sweet nadia helping jack put his apron on at the cc feast

daniel and michael

the whole cc group serving!

enjoying the cc feast!

pecan pie is always on our personal Thanksgiving table! and always made the night before to save time and stress!

much needed hot tea before getting started on the huge meal!

the boys made "thankful leaves" and we hung them on our tree to decorate our table!

happy thanksgiving!

a new creation: marbled sweet and regular mashed potatoes with crispy onions on top!
volunteering at trinity's thanksgiving day outreach

we fed over 1200 people!

nothing like volunteering all day at church and then coming home and painting all the cabinets in your house ;)
hope you all had a great one too!

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  1. A wonderful Thanksgiving indeed! :) Love the marbled sweet and regular potatoes! And I bet the crispy onions were a nice savory touch. Great post!


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