Sunday, January 24, 2016


we've been taking a super slow, relaxing take on our new year. 
as slow as three boys, homeschool, and finishing up a new house goes!

sunrise, frost, and coffee

smoked gouda mac and cheese!

afternoon coffee and a bit of light reading from a friend

getting ready to transplant some mushrooms!

perfect winter lunch: egg, peppered bacon, kale, and caramelized onion strata!

sweet napping boy :)

kohlrabi, rainbow chard, and collards from the garden!

endless collection of little socks...most of them have matches!

white bean, rosemary, and ham stew...and fresh turkey stock!

the three amigos.

doing a bit of farmwork

playing around with my new Christmas toy :)

healthy boys' lunches!

the most awesome art ever.

(but by Jack instead)

we have our days around here...this was a hard one so i let them watch a movie while i got a moment's peace...

off to work!

first official dinner in our new place!

all my boys making me chocolate chip oatmeal pancakes!

pouring the new deck's steps :)

my dad hauling it across the pasture on his tractor to not miss the fun

new, recycled clay driveway!

hello, gorgeous.

fun kiddos' lunches

sweet brothers playing

good haul.

first of the winter greenhouse tomatoes!

and beautiful kolrahbi

he's a great, five year old babysitter

toddler buffet!

poor gabe had a rough day :(

my agenda for that evening...

and hanging a gallery with only a toy hammer!
(somehow mike had hidden the real hammer from me and it was too cold and too late to walk to my dad's shop :))

homemade granola bars...recipe coming soon!

when i pack mv's lunch for cc every week, i have to pack my jack jack a "super special" lunch too :)

i thiiiiiiink we've got enough jerky to last awhile...but this kid can EAT some goose jerky! can abby ;)

my life: mud and rainboots.
and i love it.


  1. Great recap, Katie! Looks like you guys are adjusting well to this new life!

    1. We are Jen! We love it :) It's more of a return to how we used to be before military ;)

  2. Love those pictures, everybody looks very happy and I'm sure they are.Love you and miss you, Christmas time was wonderful I'm thankful I had it with the family.


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