Saturday, January 9, 2016

our Christmas season!

we hope you all had as wonderful of a holiday season as we did!
we were crazy busy, hence the blogging break, between two different Christmases, a move into our new house, a trip to south Texas for a family reunion, another trip down to our Pop's 75th birthday, and a visit (first time in a year!) from uncle vince from med school!
we enjoyed our holiday and tried to keep Christ in the center of our Christmas.
we've had a fabulous, crazy, amazing year and can't wait to move onto the new year and more adventures!

visiting Santa at the Christmas tree farm
Gabe did not like Santa and Jack is just focused on the candy.

Michael found a Charlie Brown tree :)

sweet Jack

tree hunting

baby goats!

snapped a family photo while we were there!

homemade, Argentine-style hot chocolate
basically, melted dark chocolate and cream.

first Sunday in Advent!
making our "wreath" since ours was still packed...


putting up the tree in Nanny's house!

lights on!

the adults did all the fragile ornaments on top and the next morning, the boys completed the bottom of the tree!

fun Christmas brownie trees and homemade eggnog!

our special snack for the annual viewing of Rudolph on tv!
(antlers, Rudolph noses, and snow :))

2nd Sunday in Advent...coloring our Bible verse and hymns

Christmas snacks

3rd Sunday in!, Christmas cookies!

my parents celebrated their 35th anniversary in December!

then it was off to 1st Christmas at GMa and Poppy's in San Antonio

the boys were fantastic for all 8 hours and were rewarded at the end with their special, travel snack bracelets

toasting our new house (we moved in the night before) with champagne!

GMa showing us their new land

Gabriel fell in love with Memere

blueberry pancakes!

the Grinch and some cool, green, Grinch cookies :)

Saturday night mass

1st Christmas!

our stocking stuffers were very international this ornament and specialty salts from Salzburg, balsamic vinegars from Italy, smoked venison and chocolates from Germany, cookies and cheeses from Michigan, and even a little Santa from Argentina!

playing out in GMa's back yard

we even got to make a special trip to the Hall of Horns aka Buckhorn Saloon!

after the boys go to bed, my mil and I stay up, watch hgtv, drink good wine, and paint our nails :)

it was a great trip and a great trip home... Uncle Vince!!!
we all missed him.

Star Wars!

this season calls for lots of indulgent foods like homemade maple cinnamon rolls
and a huge, from-scratch, Tudor style gingerbread house!
Christmas Eve midnight mass!

and laying out everything for Santa: handwritten lists, cookies, milk, and carrots!
" visions of sugarplums danced in their heads..."
Christmas morning!

Christmas kittens!

Christmas snacks...Dutch cheese, smoked venison, and trout pate from Argentina!

turkey stock on!

pies ready!

sriracha stout :)

A Christmas Story.
the first viewing for the littles...

late-night Christmas tea and reflection over a good day.

then off to the Godinich reunion!

Jack fell in love with my cousin's dog.

a day off between travels and activities to rest and relax

meeting friends at the square for Christmas lights...

...a carousel ride...

and fun!

making Christmas thank you cards...
that haven't been sent yet :(

then back to San Antonio for Pop's 75th birthday celebration!

gourmet, Christmas tea...

...and south Texas breakfast burritos before we left the next day.

the last batch of eggnog for the season!
and eating that huge gingerbread house.
we are going to miss our uncle vince :(

till next year!


  1. What a wonderful Christmas it was. Missed you guys last week. Hope Gabe is feeling better.


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