Tuesday, March 8, 2016

homeschool wrap-up: February!

we had another great month in homeschool!
i've been feeling sick all month so we didn't get as much done as usual but we still had fun :)

letter practice for jack

a dinosaur unit! dino prints in play doh :)

dino "bones" art


dinosaur paint stomping!

the presentation for cc that week was on facts about his favorite dinosaurs!

and we did dino valentine's cookies for our cc class to give out that day :)

we are almost to the end of our timeline cards in history!

addition help for mv

an interactive display of the types of ocean floor. kind of a fail but the boys had fun eating!

lots of valentines' activities!

heart candy sequencing too!

does air have weight?
our science experiment in cc that week...

a super cool geyser experiment in cc!

more cc science

relief making and art-ing in cc!

a study in magma...

how does gravity work?

and how does erosion work?

art class!

a study on Michelangelo!

and a celebratory breakfast for our wonderful cc director!

every day, after his nap, michael and daddy (or mommy) practice beginning readers with him.
or, on special days, mv gets to use mommy's iphone to type out beginner words :)

another great month!

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