Sunday, March 20, 2016


honestly? this is mostly just a bunch of pictures of my boys outside playing in puddles in their undies :)
but we've had a good month and mama is starting to feel a bit better so we've been enjoying life a bit more!
enjoy our pictures!

mv was a biiiiiit tired after swim...

but isr is going so well! 
a beautiful day to pull your brother in the wagon

enjoying a day

building two new raised beds!

beautiful dirt from the banks of our pond

gabe mostly helped daddy on the tractor...but got to play in the dirt too!

can you see michael playing before the storm hit??

mike and i snuck a quick date night in!

complete with super spicy thai noodles!

Spring cleaning around the farm!
clipping chicken's wings

and tallying hens...

and cleaning out the fall garden...
michael was eating the raw tops of the seeded broccoli ;)

and harvesting the last of the winter kale

i think the house needs a spring cleaning too...
that's a perfect handprint in the dirty window ;)

girls' night out :)

discovering a beautiful luna moth!

the three amigos.
i think this was a bath-before-11am sort of day.
paint, glue, and mud.
all before 11am.

pond watching.

more beautiful dirt for my new flower beds!

in the midst of the EastTX monsoon of 2016, the thunderstorms relented for about 2 hours and i let the boys out to play in the puddles.

a hot bubble bath was in order after this.
and gabe was the worst!

"mommy, i need a stool."
"well, my pants are the fan."

swollen pond and creek

more playing in puddles...

while i am rolling out fresh biscuits...

to go with fresh pear and orange jam that our farm manager's wife made from our pear orchard in argentina!

love him.

fresh, Spring lettuce from the garden, radishes from the winter beds, tomatoes from the greenhouse, and fresh eggs from our chickens!
we just need to learn how to grow avocados and we'd be all set!

about a million homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast at church...

and almost 2 quarts of icing!

the return of Spring brings the return of jack's curls :) :)

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