Tuesday, April 19, 2016

camping weekend!

this past weekend, we headed off for a family camping trip to bard springs, ar! 
we l.o.v.e. to camp.
we only do it maybe twice a year when the weather is perfect and there are zero mosquitoes but we always have a great time.
and yes, we do "real" camping.
tent, fire, dutch oven peach cobbler, the whole shabang.
can't wait to go again!

we're off!



"i'm fishing"

we got there kinda late from our hike so easy-peasy hot dogs it was!

it might look burnt but it was delicious!

"mine is on FIRE!" 

"it's okay! i still eat it!"

the pro

the dishwasher :)

snuggling in our tent!

making our homemade sausage for breakfast!

and pancakes!

four mile hike!

good boys made it all the way and back without complaining!

centipede a'finding on our hike back down

hobo stew with egg for dinner!
he was desperate to get in the water...

where, oh where, could the boys be hiding?

behind this huge stump?!


so. proud.

a great camp-out!

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