Sunday, April 10, 2016

homeschool wrap-up: march!

another great month in homeschool! 
now that i'm feeling a bit better (past that rough first trimester), we got to do a few really cool units!
can't wait for next month!

learning to spell on our make-shift dry erase boards! (jack)

cursive review!

textile lettering

still plugging away at letter review (jack)

starting at the beginning of Easter week for the month

watercolor Easter crosses!

Easter egging

reviewing short vowels

more textile lettering! (jack)

layers of the ocean

practicing drawing with direction

constructing a longhouse for our Native American unit!

threading practice for dream catchers!

we totally make dream catchers in our undies, don't you?
dramatic play center for our unit
weaving a basket!

teepee making!

Anasazi adobe villages!

the finale to our unit! a Native American feast! fry bread, blueberry soup, jerky, hominy and squash stew, fried fish, and fresh honey!

cutest Indians ever.

we stopped on the way home from our antiquing weekend at the Caddo Mounds in Alto, TX.
they had a wonderful interactive display for the kids, a movie, and of course, the actual mounds to walk around!
a wonderful hands-on for our unit!

a great end to our unit!

we had a big month in cc too!
kicked it off with a joint field day with another cc group!

long jump!


baseball throw!

40 meter dash!

we also video-taped our timeline song!

learning about the layers of the atmosphere in science

...and coloring them!

coloring what they hear in our bach class

mv did a texas wildflower presentation

learning about the major latitudes

mineral study!

active listening!
mozart this week.

we are a couple weeks from finishing our cc year and this day was cc spirit day! so crazy clothes it was! this is as crazy as we get :)

we've been doing a poetry tea-time once a week at the suggestion of a few fellow homeschooling friends.
we have chamomile tea, treats, and read simple (for now) poems while the boys listen quietly.
it's been a huge hit!
a great month!

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  1. Will you continue to home school throughout the summer? If so, how much-same times/days/week? Or just a once in a while thing? Is this when you do more travel to exhibits/zoos/museums?


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