Sunday, June 26, 2016


we are really revving up summer around here!
lots of outdoor play, farm chores, and a little bit of homeschool :)

tangle of little boy legs as we say our nightly prayers

i can think of worse places for the car to act up than our own church's playground on a sunny day :)

roasted tomato and runny egg breakfast sandwich

all my handsome boys, one Sunday  morning

water play ;)

our fav date night place was closed for dinner on our planned date night :(
so my amazing husband picked up a special take-out from said place, dropped off the boys at my parents' house, and we had date night in!

poetry tea time with homemade lemon buttermilk ice cream!

a bit of school!

X stamping!

our big boy met his first summer reading goal!
and got five crisp dollars from his gma and poppy!

and his second reading goal surprise!
nanny and paw paw met mama and mv for an ice cream date at the general store downtown!

on my nightstand...The Core, an excellent book on classical education; my husband's draft of his official white paper for his new business!; DeSa baby #4; Bible; doterra essential oil for pregnancy insomnia; and a fresh gardenia from our garden!


picking wild blackberries!

baby + baby zucchini

delicata squash from our garden! we roasted three for dinner with red onions! delicious!

harvesting holy basil for herbal tea!

the first (and very tangy!) plums from the orchard

this rainbow chard loves us.
it keeps coming back.
from last summer.

pepperoncini peppers for canning!

first summer tomatoes!
i love golden ones.

a complete, homesteading meal.
braised wild pork, swiss chard with onions, farm fresh egg, and a slice of that golden tomato :)

that day, we began homeschool with some life lessons.
how. to. clean.
or, read while your brother is cleaning :)

almost done with all his textile letters!

poetry tea time!
red grape foccacia and a childhood fav book of poems.

there has been a plastic bag, blown up by the wind, stuck in this tree, for weeks.
he finally got it down for me that day :)

our boy hit 30 books that week!
he got to choose his prize for 30 so he chose mrs. rhonda's swimming pool with watermelon!
mv and jack demonstrated their superb swimming skills (thanks isr!) and they even went down the slide a few times! so brave!

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