Sunday, June 12, 2016

summer crafts...part one!

every summer, we do our "summer fun".
this is a giant list (and it keeps getting bigger!) of all the fun crafts that i've been saving and storing up to do with the boys in the mornings instead of school.
don't get me wrong, we do plenty of crafts in school too but these tend to be more summer-geared.
all my boys just love doing these fun activities and mama does too!

elmer's glue + food coloring + cookie cutters = sun catchers for your window!

blueberries for sal storytime + finger painting + blueberries in tin pails snack!

painting on foil for a rainy day

the shiny and crinkly foil makes for an unusual canvas that the boys love!
tip: tape the canvas to a shower wall or, as we did, a deep freezer for easy clean up! wipes right off!

foil + paint = easy peasy.

handprint dinosaurs + a special viewing of The Good Dinosaur = fun and entertaining enough for mama to get a few things done around the house!

bottle of shaving cream + food coloring = hours of fun!

and then afterwards, you hose them off with the water hose!

white bread + milk + food coloring = rainbow toast

just stick straight into the toaster after the masterpieces are complete and voila! a beautiful breakfast!

halved lemons + paint + straws = lemonade stamping!
plus, we made freshly squeezed lemonade to go along with dinner that night!

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  1. Love these! Thanks for sharing; we'll be trying some of these. :)


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