Sunday, July 10, 2016

michigan and chicago!

a couple weeks ago, we flew up to michigan to see gma and poppy and had a blast!
we spent our days playing on the lake, eating good food, and even snuck in a trip to chicago!
mike and i had never been so we thought it'd be fun to show the boys a new city, food, and museums and even got to take a "real train" to get there!
it was an awesome little vacation and we can't wait to go back next summer!

good little travelers :)

poppy and his fellow piano aficionados 
the first day was chilly and cloudy...perfect for playing around the house with gma!

breakfast on the deck!

train station!

on our way to chicago!

napping on the train!


authentic deep dish at lou malnati's!

the field museum!

sue the t-rex!

brachiosaurus footprint!

"jack, what kind of skeleton is that one?"
"MOMMY. a parasaurolophus, of COURSE."
of course :)

26 weeks!

coloring on the train ride home
and eating leftover deep dish :)
nappers :)

michigan dusk.

and a michigan morning :)
jack's favorite spot to wake up slowly.

coffee, fresh blueberry bread, farmer's market yogurt, fresh cherry preserves, gourmet graham cracker.

trip to the farmer's market!
watermelon juice

lake day!

perfect splashing depth for the kiddos!

finding clams!

quick picnic!

jet ski after naps

and boat rides!

the cousins (sort of? i guess 2nd or 3rd cousins?) came over for a big father's day brunch and my boys fell in love.

heading home!

okay, so the morning after we got home, he insisted to write his very first love letter to abby, one of those girl cousins.
who's 15.
and gorgeous.
at least he has good taste?
the beloved abby.
we had an amazing trip and can't wait to go back next summer!!

ps-big shout out to my little brother on his 31st birthday today!
he's smart, kind-hearted, witty, handsome, and is the only funny one in this family. 
the boys couldn't understand why we couldn't jump on a plane and head down to his med school (in the caribbean...yes, boys, i wish we could...) and have mommy cook him a birthday dinner and cake.
i suppose this is all i'm good food. :)
but really, we love love you, uncle vince, and miss you terribly! we'll see you in a few weeks! 

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