Sunday, July 17, 2016

summer crafts...part 2!

we are still going strong on our summer fun list!
enjoy our new crafts below!

paint + paper + feet! = paint with your feet masterpiece!

colored water, frozen in a large tupperware + tiny toys, collected throughout the house = ice block treasure hunt!

start with a toy hammer to pound them out then move on to the water hose for easy treasure release ;)

homemade maple sodas for canada day!

fourth of july hand print art!

cut balloon + cut frosting tub = marshmallow launchers :)
1/2 hour of dessert fun!

this was kind of a fail. food coloring was supposed to create colored soap bubbles that you expand by blowing through straws.
they didn't color at all!
but the boys still had fun :)

hand lotion + tempura paint + cornstarch to thicken = face paint!!

shaving cream + elmer's glue + food coloring = puffy paint for ice cream cone art!

and homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream to go along with!

feathers + paint + binoculars = feather painting and bird watching

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