Sunday, August 21, 2016

summer crafts...part 3!

summer's almost over and we've made the most of it!
we've been loving our summer fun list and we can't wait to finish it out with the couple remaining weeks before school starts!
enjoy our fun!

paint + paper = thumbprint pineapples!

and we even had poetry tea time grilled pineapple to go with!

coffee filters + sharpies = suncatchers

shaving cream + colored water + cars = car wash!

homemade vanilla ice cream...

construction paper + cotton balls + pom poms + sequins = banana splits

and using that homemade vanilla for real banana splits that evening :)

the great texas balloon race!

cupcake liners + yarn + construction paper + cotton balls = hot air balloon craft

paper plates + popsicle sticks + balloon = easy, rainy day balloon tennis

bubble wrap + paint + paper plates + google eyes = snake craft to with a reading of the greedy python

homemade blue play doh + various shiny sequins, coins, gems, etc = the rainbow fish craft!

so cute!

we have a few more summer fun crafts to do before the summer is over!

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