Sunday, November 20, 2016

homeschooling wrap-up: october!

this month, we welcomed baby robert so our homeschool was a little wonky ;)
we managed to only take one week off from our at-home school and had two weeks off from cc.
some days we only did the basics but we got in a few fun things too :)
hopefully, we'll be back to our (new!) "normal" soon!

orange was our color of the month of course :)

working hard on his addition

orange picnic!

we missed a couple weeks in cc so we did our science experiments here at home while the baby was napping :)

we didn't have a set unit for this month so we just did lots of fun, fall and halloween crafts

everybody's interpretation of the five little pumpkins song

pumpkin stamping with apples!

cooking lesson :)

poetry tea time with pumpkin cake!
my parents took mv to the zoo for meeting his summer reading goals
it was a little delayed because nanny doesn't go to the zoo when its hot ;)

he got to take his nature journal and sketch!

in cc this month, we focused on astronomy!
this is an experiment on a solar eclipse

all our cc classes reviewing!

a planet project

i didn't tutor a couple weeks because of baby robert so i got to sit in jack's class one day!
i was super excited because i don't get to see jack much during cc and i got to see him give his presentation!
he rocked it!

and i got to hang with this little dude too!

fun experiment with sun sensitive paper!

another great month!

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