Sunday, November 13, 2016


we've had a crazy busy last six weeks.
but it's been fun!
enjoy our pictures :)

our beautiful road

music lesson!

my sweet husband washed the sheets and remade the bed and had it turned down for a nap for me :)

sweet boy in his "cowboots" for church breakfast

making nanny's cookie dough birthday cake!

mom's birthday lunch!

a gorgeous day.

flowers from my sweetheart

don't judge.
i was pregnant.
and i had a date with my gabriel :)

finally got cold enough for a morning walk!

our morning standard.
diffusing essential oils.
nutella oatmeal and fruit.
morning sunshine.

leftover tomato soup turned breakfast with the addition of avocado and turmeric! 

this will be our gate to our new house!
and way back in that clearing is where it'll be!

library date

more morning walks on our road.

soccer season!

the cheering squad.

mv got a new drawing book for his birthday. he's loving it!

40 weeks pregnant!

the keeper of the bees.

bass pro shop date

still. pregnant., we had a milkshake date!

allllll the spicy food to make this baby come out.

sunrise over our trees.

legos for days.

chicken noodle soup for some snuffly babies.

pumpkin cookies for the season!

a 41 weeks pregnant date!
my parents gave us their symphony tickets and offered to watch the boys!

finally! he's here!
october 10, 2016.
9 pounds, 2 ounces. 20 inches long.

getting his blessing

our amazing midwife!!

heading home!
all four boys have worn this same blue outfit home!

"cheers-ing" the new baby with chocolate milk and wine ;)

roasting our spaghetti squashes from our garden

pumpkin season!

my best friend came into town to help for the weekend and this is what we did!

more pumpkin!

sleeping love.
gma and poppy came to visit and meet robert!

gma helping with the bees!

pumpkin pancakes!

our sweet church threw robert and i a little sip 'n see!

and michael had his first communion the same weekend!

first outing as a family of SIX!

helping mama with chores

first time out without the music class with this crazy!

a smile!

mike and my parents left town for a few days but not without "help"!

fresh butternut squashes!

mike sent me a picture from his conference in chicago!
look at that tree!!

daddy's home!

my parents were in new orleans for halloween weekend!

but they brought back gifts ;)

freshly thinned greens from our garden

sunset, this time

he finally reached the top!

chocolate "pudding" for lunch!
pumpkin puree, oats, greek yogurt, raisins, cocoa powder and chia! yum!

happy one month!

bonfire night with our awesome friends!

and some pooped boys after ;)

watching the election results...

mama played photographer ;)

its been a whirlwind six weeks but we wouldn't have it any other way!

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