Sunday, February 5, 2017

homeschool wrap-up: january!

jack is already getting started on next years' christmas list :)
but i'm impressed with his penmanship! 

jurassic quest came to shreveport and we took all four boys to go see it!
they were thrilled out of their minds.

N week!

practicing his numbers

pre-writing practice for gabriel

winter crafts!

poetry tea time!

felt unit on the solar system

the promise of boy dress-up is the only thing that got us through this day...

poems on poop! ha!

geography practice with daddy

o is for octopus!

we had a lot of sick days this month...
and this is what they looked like.
nursing the baby while the boys did a few worksheets on the floor...

more sick day activities

textile O's

suffix work


more winter crafting!

woolly mammoth poems!

spanish lessons

getting some spelling work in while writing thank yous

color of the month!

green stamping

money numbers.

this was my second cup of coffee.
he gets addition, subtraction, number sequences but how many pennies in a dime?!

more pre-tracing work

so proud of my four year old!
he's doing excellent with his reading!


we do poetry tea time on wednesday and that's usually what i take a picture of.
(i like food.)
but mondays are for yoga!

our unit this month was italy!

figuring out da vinci's code :)

felt stories on the gladiators

gondola art!

map tracing practice

lasagna noodle flags!

mosaic art!

so this was my mom's (really good!) idea.
let's coat the boys in lotion, then flour, then have them pose as italian sculptures!
but, it was freezing cold (we totally thought 70's would be warm enough!) and the wind kept blowing the flour into their eyes.
and the flour wasn't white enough.
but hey, mama and nanny had a greaaaaaat time!

hahahaha, real life.

leaning tower of pisa!

lots of yummy italian food all week!

tortellini, bolognese, focaccia, and "real" wine (grape juice) in a real wine bottle and real wine glasses.
the boys felt so fancy.

p for peacock!

play snow

counting lessons

poetry tea time baking class!

we were sick for cc one week so we reviewed in bed!

plugging away at our math

more spanish review

this kid.
he's just turned 4, wouldn't even be in prek-4 if enrolled in "real" school, and already done with his accredited, Abeka workbook.
so, i moved him up to kindergarten and he's loving it!!!

in cc, we had a fun review day!
which involved marshmallows...

and we've been learning about vibrations and frequency...

rembrant study in art

bottle organ experiment

covering the major artists in art class

another great month in school!

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