Monday, February 27, 2017


our theme this month!
everyday after his rest time or nap, mv goes to my parents' house for chores, reading, or outside play.
this day, i caught a good throw on my iphone when i was driving the little boys over for dinner time :)

detox baths!

rosemary focaccia going in the oven!

look at that lovely olive green egg!

gifts from colombia!

oh how we missed daddy.

four huge batches of cinnamon rolls for church breakfast

reading in mama's bed :)

the beauty of tea leaves.

deep father/son chats.

sunshine and hats!


one of our hives bolted :(
but we salvaged some scrap combs and drained it for raw honey!

my intricate and oh-so-professional draining system ;)

and then raw honey on fresh bread!

valentines <3 td="">

i loathe giving haircuts.

fun valentine's food!

lobsters for our valentine's date night in!

lobster mac and cheese!

working hard on the farm, clearing for grandmommy's house site!

stump holes make great playgrounds.

tyler zoo trip with carlie and the kids!!

my sous chefs :)

more honey filtration :)

when you're sick, nothing beats spicy chicken broth with kimchi.

another working day!

nap time!

my super bowl squad!

we've been trying to get more plant-based protein in our diets.
tofu curry!

and tofu stir-fry!

date night!

and family night!

simple meals sometimes are the best meals.
farm fresh eggs with stewed beans.

a warm day!

laughing at one of his brothers :)

"uncle" alex came to see us on his way home!

fun nights with friends :)

my koala bear!

sunshine and good jam :)

play date with friends!

a beautiful sunset.

and this little guy turned four months!!


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