Sunday, April 9, 2017

homeschool wrap-up: march!

another month in the desa family homeschool!

geography review!

quick stop on the way to chores to examine a colony of ants!

homeschool everywhere!
we went home and researched leaf-cutter ants that day...

play dough center time!

letter of the week!

a particularly tough day for the 1st grader and the teacher.

art project!

poetry tea time and animal habitat review!

tuesdays are educational video day!

watching our barn cat give birth.
that's educational, right?

spring craft!

shape review for gabriel!

poetry tea time.
with babies.
and dinos.

threading practice!

st. patrick's day craft!

cutting practice!

beginning reading!

adding purple to his color book!

purple smoothie! ;)

V is for Vulture

La Professora comes on mondays :)

helping his brother with his letter book

i believe i told him to color on some "pelo negro".
i guess he did it correctly, but yikes.

our happy, homeschool interrupter ;)

W is for Worm!

dry erase raindrop counting lesson

okay, so La Professora employed the help of daddy to review the parts of the body and clothes.
it was an awesome day.

germany unit!!

making a german pancake for poetry tea time!

and reading german fairytales!

german castle book!

german pretzels for a snack one day
with "beer" and sausage!

getting the obstacle course ready!

setting up war!

our fierce warriors

teaching tactics

explaining the course

our sweet helpers

war paint!

and they're off!!

my favorite part...low crawling!


such a fun day!!
and we couldn't end a german war day without a german feast!

pork schnitzels, spaetzle, zwiebelkuchen, and authentic steins from germany with "beer" (apple juice)

black forest cake!

had to sneak in our great britain presentation at cc!

learning about bridges

we had special visitors to cc class one day!!

straw bridge construction

coloring our composers


baby rob looooooves adrienne!

cc field day!!

mv placed fourth in all the runs but no ribbon...

our boy placed third in long jump and baseball throw!

long jump

even gabriel got to jump ;)

baseball throw

daddy was an official ;)

ending the day with snowcones!

another great month!!

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