Sunday, April 16, 2017


happy Easter!!
may you enjoy your day and remember that Christ died for us and was risen on this day!!
eat a bunch of chocolate bunnies for us and know that while we are searching for eggs before church, we are celebrating our risen Lord!!

this is what we've been up to for the past month :)

our Lenten promise!

pancakes for fat tuesday!

working hard stacking those logs!!

g-ma came to visit when mike was out of town!!

and brought goodies ;)

goodies for mama too!!

during lent, we attended blessing of the holy sacrament masses on sunday nights

bones and veggies go into the crockpot at night...

...and i wake up to simmering bone broth in the morning!

tea and sunshine one morning, before the boys woke up :)

little devil stole my meat cleaver (he actually did ask to borrow it) and was smashing acorns "to feed the squirrels"

stuck inside on this rainy day.

love the way this kid eats his apples!!
one bite from each. then finishes lunch. then returns to the apples.

after bath selfie!

st. patrick's day!
we own nothing apparently that would be appropriate so i let them dress themselves ;)

kale smoothie, kiwi, avo, green beans, pickles, broccoli quinoa, and pistachios!

and a matcha tea green smoothie for me!

on the rare occasion that the baby decides to wake early from his evening nap, i get to rock him back to sleep.
this evening coincided with date night.
so, i did my hair, nails, and makeup while sitting in front of our (dirty) mirror!

leftover meatball and pepper pizza, fried up with fresh eggs!!

choir practice in an empty (and beautiful!) church!

off to a friend's birthday party!

homemade focaccia

current reads

family run fun!

planting bush beans!

mike had a conference in san francisco and had this gorgeous and huge crab for dinner one night.
i'm not jealous. at. all.

and broiled oysters on the wharf!

mike has also been learning about bees lately!
he has a friend that's been helping him catch swarms and relocating them.

look at that beautiful work!!

g-ma visited again later in the month and brought our cousin daisy!!

we also let baby rob try food for the first time.
he was not a fan.

he's gotten a bit better since then though... :)

g-ma brought back cuban cigars for mike from a recent trip of theirs!

out to dinner with the whole crew!

on sunday, we had plans for church but the weather report showed high winds, hail, and major flooding.
so, we got undressed from church clothes and daddy ran to the local donut shop before the rain started ;)

we decorated the porch all day...

...watched movies...

finally got pictures of mama's christmas presents to the boys!
homemade dinosaur hoodie...

batman hoodie!!

i love his feathers :)

date night!
he surprised me with a "taste of" events and we sampled local restaurants all night!

a rare mama moment out alone :)

summer gabriel is my favorite.
dirty hands, milk mouth, crunching on an apple.

incense filling our church

our beautiful eggs!

cool dude.

snake season.

our little man turned six months!!! happy 1/2 birthday!!

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