Sunday, June 10, 2012

i'm ashamed. (otherwise known as super crazy dense but healthy and yummy muffins)

Can I be completely honest with you??

I'm ashamed.

I actually have two confessions here.
1. I tore this recipe out of magazine at the doc's.  (I was on the hunt for a healthful toddler-friendly muffin.)
I baked these muffins, with a few alterations.
2. I lost said torn out recipe.


So, these muffins were pretty good - not the best, not the worst, in my opinion...the toddler, however, loved them - but I have no recipe for you :(

I'm ashamed.

But, here's some similar recipes that seem to be winners!

soooo, (judging by my impeccable *cough cough* photography skills) we started off with a combo of whole wheat and buckwheat flours, and a mix of spices...

then we added some goop.  which I seem to remember had pureed strawberries and bananas in it, for sweetness, as there was no added sugar....

then, I believe, we mixed.

scoop into pans.

and bake?
tee hee.

the end.
promise it won't happen again.

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