Tuesday, July 23, 2013

a bit of homemade fun

We've been having a blast lately! 
I'm trying to do a craft a day with the boys (one boy. the other boy just plays in the paint and gives me adorable looks.) and so far, so good. 
All major successes!

Here's two we've tried recently. 

Shaving cream paint. MV could literally spend hours with this stuff. I recommend this be an outside craft, you do it in the nude, and there is a swimming pool/hose nearby. 
*the food coloring does slightly stain hence the nude advice.*

Empty muffin tin. 

Add shaving cream. I use sensitive. 

Add food coloring. 


Go. To. Town. 

Does this remind anyone of Hook? ;)

And the after. :)

Onto a new favorite!
Erupting Kool Aid paints! Saw this on (where else?!) pinterest and had to try. I used it as a mini-science experiment as well. (Hey, get those brains working early, right?)

Pour some baking soda into containers. 

Add different colors (flavors) of Kool Aid. 

Add a bit of shaving cream and stir. You want a very thick paste. As you can see, it gets messy but smells divine! 
(My purple was weak.)

Paint, paint, paint!
(Why are my kids always naked? Don't worry, we've got fences.)

Spray with vinegar and watch it "erupt"!

It wasn't too exciting so I added vinegar straight to the paint and MV liked that alot better ;)

So much fun!

Tune in next week for more exciting crafts!

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